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Aquamarine...Cool Glam

aquamarine-cutDerived from the Latin words aqua marina, meaning seawater, this gemstone is known as the gem of the sea, even though it doesn’t come from beneath the waves. It was believed to keep sailors safe and guard against storms, as well as bring hope, health, harmony, and happiness. March’s birthstone was also thought to enhance the happiness of marriages and is recognized as an appropriate gift for the 18th wedding anniversary.

Aquamarine sparkles with the fresh, young-at-heart qualities of those who wear it. It is the perfect match for those born “in the sign of water.” Sister to the emerald and a member of the beryl family, aquamarine is known for its range of serene, oceanic shades from pastel to medium light blue-green or light green to a deep blue. Even aquamarine's blues have a green tinge. The best gems combine high clarity with limpid transparency. Like many beryls, aquamarine forms large crystals suitable for sizable fashion gems.

A favorite of those who love the sea, the aquamarine is a reminder of the refreshing nature of seawater and the abundance of sea life! So if you feel like it’s “time for a cool change,” aquamarine is your stone!

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