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  • Custom designs

Q: What is custom design and how is it done?

A. Here's how we do it: 
1 1. You have an idea and bring it to one of our professional jewelry designers. 2   2.  Designer will make a drawing or recommend a mounting. 
3  3.  Create a wax model.  5   4.  Prepare the wax model for the oven.
6 5.  Make a mold for casting. 7   6.  Cast the mounting.
8 7.  Clean up the mounting.  9   8.  Stones are set the in the mounting.
Q:  What will it cost?

A:  Don't let the words "custom design" mislead you.  Remember we can use your gold or ours; your gemstones or ours.  How do we price this service?  Because each design entails different methods of labor and different parts, each piece is priced accordingly.  We will give you an estimate at no charge so you will know the price before we even begin.   
Q:  How long does it take?

A:  Since there are a few steps in the process, you'll understand that we need adequate time to carefully make your special piece of jewelry.  Allow at least two to three weeks.  No  appointment necessary to begin creating your dream design.  
We can re-purpose your old jewelry into a custom design!  Click here for How-to Videos